Genuine Paid Survey sites

Genuine Paid Survey sites are very good way to earn money without investing anything.They pay to survey or review websites or other products.Some of them even pay you to play games.
So you can earn cash by visiting websites,you can earn cash by playing games and you can earn cash by testing products.

How much you will earn, will depend on the complexity of the survey and time taken by them.
Most of the sites offer surveys in very limited amount. So,u should join many of them to earn more money.Payment mode of such sites are mostly by check or by Paypal.

There are thousands of paid survey websites present today.It's difficult to find out which one is genuine and really pay for survey.There is no any hard and fast rule to recognize them.
But you can try paid survey sites, which do not charge you for joining them. In other words you can trust paid survey sites, which offer free sign up.

I have spent plenty of time on the web to figure out such legitimate paid survey sites.
Some of my favourite sites are given as below.

A W Surveys

They pay you to review websites.You get instant reward of 6$, just after signing them.
They offer you a monthly bonus survey along with regular surveys.

Survey Savvy

This is a good survey site. It pays good money, also frequency of survey offerd by them to you is good.

Cash Crate

companies pay dollars for trying their products and services for free. CashCrate brings those offers to you. It's easy to complete free offers and get paid.

Treasure Trooper

Join this site and get paid for the completion of surveys and offer.

Inbox Dollars

They pay you for completion of offers and surveys and for playing games. You get a reward of 5$, just after signing them.